Northern Australia has been the focus of much of the past and current collaboration among these partner institutions.  This has been an enabling factor in the establishment of the CRN Northern Research Futures relationship.

The CRN partner institutions are:

The newly established North Australian Marine Research Alliance (NAMRA - a Research Collaboration between AIMS, CDU, ANU and NTG) offers one example of already established relationships, but others include involvement in CRC and ARC collaborations and joint publications and supervision of PhD Students.

CDU and ANU recently agreed to a joint PhD program that will form the heart of the research training relationship between these two partners. AIMS and ANU are joint venture partners in the Arafura Timor Research Facility (ATRF) funded from the Major National Research Facility program in 2005. AIMS is investing a further $5.5M from its Tropical Marine Research Facilities project to expand the ATRF and enhance collaboration between ANU, CDU and NTG. 

The Cairns Institute at JCU and the Northern Institute at CDU have already identified areas of joint collaboration that will increase the knowledge base and assist in attaining the critical mass required for long-term sustainable development.