Ocean Connections : Building Creative Research Capability

As part of  the Collaborative Research Network for  Northern Futures, the Ocean Connection Project showcases creative transdisciplinary research practice. The creative presentation of research in this project enables access and communication of research findings to a wide range of audiences, and enhances the ability to think innovatively about not only research practice, but also about outcomes and long term impact. Join us on October 15th to participate in a hybrid symposium and exhibition of a collection of work.


MORNING SESSION - Laminations, Creative Research Communities


Welcome to Country; Larrakia Nation and Country – Arafura Pearl Song and poems - Ali and Kathy Mills


Open forum/ conversation with Larrakia community members and Michele Lobo, others

11.15-11.45 - Morning Tea

Walpiri Drawings – video, presentation and discussion, Melinda Hinkson, others.


Tom Gray: “Biocentric”: - installation as creative practice - community partners, and conversation.

12.45-1.45 - Lunch Break

Video presentation: Ruark Lewis on Yolngu dwelling. Recorded interview with Michael Davis.

Video presentation: Greg Burgess on Melville Island Cultural Centre studio

AFTERNOON SESSION – Creative Research Capability


Paul presents Pearl and discusses its significance as a research tool for investigating ‘fragile environments.’


'Edges of the Region' - Michael Davis presents fragments of his field notebook on fragile coastal ecology, local Aboriginal knowledge, and development in the Cairns region.


Ocean Connections (OC) participants discuss their projects in relation to one another; themes; critique; significance as research capability building conversation


Conversation between 'Laminations' group, invited members of the CRN group, and others, to discuss the future role of OC in CDU’s strategic research planning.

LAMINATIONS BOOKLET: Laminations Draft small final.pdf


Queries to:

Johanna Funk

T: +61 8 8946 6819

E: johanna.funk@cdu.edu.au

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 09:00 to 17:00