This event seeks to inform participants about asylum seekers and refugees in our community and to facilitate public discussion about a subject that many Australians prefer to ignore.

Session one

  • Professor Riaz Hassan - Life as a Weapon: Making Sense of Suicide Bombing.
  • Associate Professor Jane Haggis - When does a refugee stop being a refugee?

Session two - Setting the Legal Scene

  • Jeswynn Yogaratnam - An overview of human rights legislation and Australian legislation pertaining to asylum seekers and refugees

Session three - An Asylum Seekers view

  • Kazim Darwish and Justine Davis (Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network)

Session four - Keynote presentation

  • Senator Trish Crossin - The Senate Enquiry into Detention Centres

Session five - Expert panel Q&A

Facilitator: Kate O'Toole (ABC Radio Darwin)

Panel members:

  • Senator Trish Crossin
  • Dr Catherine Koerner
  • Associate Professor Jane Haggis
  • Kazim Darwish
  • Jeswynn Yogaratnam
  • Justine Davis (DASSAN)

Asylum Seeker Symposium 2012_Speakers.pdf

Asylum Seeker Symposium 2012_Program.pdf

Friday, September 7, 2012 - 09:00 to 16:30