Presenters: Professor Linda Rosenman, Professor Lawrence Cram & A/Professor Tess Lea

Facilitated hands on workshop to engage in the process of developing Cat1 Grant proposals.

  • Developing  and conceptualising the research program and identifying research projects
  • Articulating theoretical and practical importance : why it matters
  • Identifying appropriate and achievable Funding opportunities
  • Building research teams and research partnerships
  • Identifying, “pitching” and working with industry partners and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Issues with industry :from pragmatic and local to theoretically important and international
  • Developing  track record and presenting it “relative to opportunity”
  • Writing a good  proposals



Day 1 - Wednesday 7 May (9:00am start)


Introductions and scene setting: why are you here; what do you hope to get out of the workshop?  Come prepared to talk and share your hopes and worries



Category 1-4 Grants :  what funding is out there, what counts and how (Linda/Lawrence)


Break for coffee and stretch*


Building your career and track record (Tess)

11.00 -11.30am

Managing your brand (Jane)

11.30 - close

Working on your grant idea: what is your concept and why is it important (Lawrence+team)


Work on grant idea


 Day 2 - Thursday 8 May (NB later start 9:30am-12:30pm)






Nuts and bolts: Being strategic and realistic about targeting grants – what are the best grants for you?

Cat1 ARC :  Guidelines Budget/FOR Codes;  review processes; tips and pitfalls (Lawrence and Tess)

Other Cat 1

Cat 2 grants and tenders: things to know about counting as research, IP ownership, publishing (Linda)


Break: coffee and stretch*


Hands on : write your grant synopsis in 100 words; present and discuss


Day 3 -  Friday 9 May 9:30am-12:30pm



Getting the grant

Pitching your project to partners (Jane)

Dissemination of findings (Jane)

Identifying your  team: strengths, synergies and track record (Linda)


Break: coffee and stretch*


Peer review of the proposals (Lawrence)



Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 09:00 to Friday, May 9, 2014 - 12:30