The Northern Research Futures alliance builds on existing partnerships with two key research intensive universities, ANU & JCU, and a major science institution, AIMS. This partnership relationship allows for the thematic exploration of areas of existing and emerging strengths by collaborating with existing leaders in these areas and building capacity and capability in critical social and environmental research in northern Australia.

Northern Australian Societies

As the northern Australian region continues to grow, the NRF provides resources for future planning, policy formulation and program delivery. Focussing on public policy and regulatory challenges enables ongoing and sustainable programs of multi-disciplinary collaborative world-class research that integrates policy and practice to help shape northern Australian society.

Northern Australian Development & Innovation

Our goal is to create a world class critical node in social and environmental research related to innovation in the remote tropical north. Working to understand and address the social impacts and processes of change in Northern Australia related to infrastructure development, public policy, climate change, migration and security, the NRF is formulating social and public policies to enable governance to deal with these demands.